“It was a big time commitment – but worth it.”/ “I learnt more than I thought possible”

Thank you very much to our lovely visitors for the excellent feedback that they gave from our virtual visit to Palestine in مقلوبةAugust. Every one of them said that it exceeded their expectations and that they had learned a lot.  We also expected less – because it was a virtual visit  – than was in the end achieved. Now we are encouraged to do another one! And we are inviting applications.

We asked our visitors what were the best bits and some of their responses were…
“The range of places we visited and people we met. The depth of information and good presentations by everyone. Very impressed we were able to meet the Mayor and other people in charge of their projects so that they can give a very deep insight into their difficulties. I appreciated the skilled organisation … to have so many people waiting at the right times; and the exhaustive information  – much of it personal which really brought the pain home to us, and .. very clear explanations which enabled us to really get to understand the situation. Maps were excellent and links to films and other resources. I liked being in the small group and we made the most of it and will hopefully remain friends. The facilitator managed the group skillfully with gentleness and diplomacy. I valued the way you explained things we probably should already know so that even the least knowledgeable who was afraid to show ignorance was able to understand every detail.”
“Personal narratives, Diverse analysis, Ease of questioning etc.”
“Eye-witness accounts of the impact of the occupation”
“The balance of the different speakers and perspectives. It was so very human. It touched me really deeply and shifted something within me that will stay with me forever – truly. Once you are truly aware of the human rights violations in Palestine you cannot turn away! Really well coordinated and facilitated.”
This is a picture of a makloubeh made in London following the women’s session and their cooking instructions – just one of the memorable evenings during the visit.

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