Palestine for Beginners

النساء الثلاثةDuring the time of lock down because of Corona, CADFA has made a programme of Zoom events, workshops and meetings. Lots of exciting things are happening including people from both countries working together and we encourage you to join us! Yesterday was our second online “Palestine for Beginners” session, and again it went down very well.

Feedback has included… “A really useful teaching session…”

“I liked the resources and the description with maps.. “

“The discussion time at the end is very crucial. People’s thoughts have to be heard because only that way their misconceptions, lack of understanding or ill-informed  views can be rectified…. People have to grow their confidence and ‘bravery’ to speak about this injustice amongst their peers and wider circles”

“I would like further sessions..”

Please do look out for our next on-line event and join it – or tell your friends if this is useful.

REMEMBER that you can also look at the RESOURCES page on this website.

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