Please sign petition to free Mohammed – No prison without trial!

Mohammed Salah

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We are calling for an end of Israel’s policy of mass imprisonment of Palestinians and in particular the policy of administrative detention – there should be no imprisonment without trial.  We  believe that Palestinian prisoners should be released in a hurry because of the Corona virus which is rumoured to be spreading in Israeli prisons.

Here we are calling in particular for the release of Mohammed Salah from Abu Dis. He was imprisoned on 7th April and has been given a “sentence” of six months in prison without any trial. Mohammed was ill when he was taken and so his family are doubly worried about his health – They want to know that he is getting the treatment he needed – but they also are concerned that he does not compound his existing medical problem by catching the virus in jail.

CADFA know Mohammed’s mother as she came to the UK in March on our 2020 Palestinian women’s visit. She spoke movingly of the problems of mothers and families of prisoners as well as of the prisoners themselves – then returned to Palestine to find her son was taken away!

If there is a reason Mohammed should have a trial, let him have a fair trial now.

If he will not have a trial, release him NOW!


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