Palestinian Voices Matter – students’ visit shows people want to hear them!

We w20200207_133524[1]ere delighted to meet the group of  young people who joined our student visit from Palestine in Jan-Feb, along with the Head of Student Activities from Al Quds University, the CADFA co-ordinator from Abu Dis and the Mayor of Al Walaja village, who joined the group because of our co-operation with the Bedford-Al Walaja group for this two-week-long visit.

What a time it was, full of individual, group, university and public meetings, visits, activities and discussions in Derby, Chester, Sheffield, Leeds, Leicester, Northampton, Cambridge as well as London and Bedford.  The title of the project was very appropriate  at the time of Trump’s so-called “deal,” which he announced with no Palestinian input, and hundreds of people rejected this approach at talks by the students about their lives in the confined universities of the West Bank.

The picture is from a sponsored walk which contributed to the funding of the project and brought the issue of Palestinian human rights to the streets between Kentish Town and Parliament.  The final activity was an energetic student twinning conference which will help to keep links between young people in both countries and seek to organise further exchanges of this sort. Do get in touch if you are a student and want to know more.

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