Huthaifa Badr has finally won

Great ceنساء حذيفةlebrations today –  A date for the release of Huthaifa Badr has been agreed and he is coming off his hunger strike!   It is outrageous that the date of release agreed with the Israelis is still three months away – he should never have been in jail without trial for over fifteen months so why should he do three months more? After a hunger strike of 67 days and tremendous illness, the Israelis waited till he was right at the end to make what they see as a concession. But Huthaifa obviously feels this is progress and he is beginning to take water again – and then food – and we are very happy to hear that and hope he is better very quickly indeed. He will soon see his family and his little daughter will see him for the first time! We feel as if we must be (nearly) as happy as them! End administrative detention!!
Ppictures from the solidarity tent in Abu Dis where Huthaifa’s family were gathering for people to come with their congratulations on the good news)


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