Huthaifa is in grave danger

huthayfaHuthaifa, an Abu Dis prisoner on hunger strike since 1st July is really near the end and our friends there are asking us to urgently step up the campaign for his release. Having spent 15 (fifteen) months in prison without trial and 2 months on hunger strike calling for his own release and in general an end to ‘administrative detention’, only taking salt water, Huthaifa has now vowed to stop taking water tomorrow Sunday 1st September.  He wasn’t well when the Israelis took him to prison and he is now gravely unwell. We need to raise our voices even louder about his issue and in general the issue of administrative detention. It is a human right to have a proper trial and not to be imprisoned in this way – which Israel is doing with hundreds of Palestinians. Please sign the petition about Huthaifa’s case if you have not done – share it – and get in touch to help with the campaign.…


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