Summer camps in Abu Dis 2019

Ikids with masksn Palestine, it is already summer holiday time. Dar Assadaqa in Abu Dis are working hard preparing for two summer camps this summer, one starting this Saturday. (This is an old photo, as there have been summer camps at Dar Assadaqa every year since 2006). The first camp this year will have a focus on media and the second camp, called ‘new horizons’ on getting the young people out of the confinement of Abu Dis to see other parts of the West Bank. The camps are supported by CADFA and we are really happy that young volunteers will be joining them from the UK. The camps will be sponsored by Cafe Palestina and we would love your help. If we raise any extra money, it will go towards the girls’ football visit to the UK, Football4Freedom, which we hope will happen this autumn.

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