“Now you’ve seen this, we hope you will do something about it.”

37956595_10158451430339572_7521499178619371520_oAt the end of a packed week on our recent visit to Palestine, CADFA visitors from the UK were still trying to digest what they had learned. They had had a warm welcome from individuals and groups throughout the week, but they had been shocked by the evidence of the Israeli occupation. They were struck by the on-going cruelty of the occupation, as Palestinians are more and more crowded into particular towns and the Israeli settlements expand on the hills. They saw the aftermath of the army invasion of Dar Assadaqa, Abu Dis; the destruction of a nursery school at Jabal al-Baba; and they visited Deheisheh refugee camp, Bethlehem, where a young man had been shot and killed by the Israeli army two days before. From the Palestinians around them on the visit, there was a clear message. “Now you’ve seen this, we hope you’ll do something about it.”

The next CADFA visit to Palestine will be in October – Please contact us for information.

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