Palestinian women’s visit Islington meeting 19th of March 2018

Palestinian women speaking out… I felt very moved today at the Islington meeting of the Palestinian women’s visit.

Firstly of course by the strong speeches of our Palestinian friends. And so disgusted by some of the tales we heard. ازلنجتون Kifah was caught by an Israeli checkpoint and not allowed past to see her ill father when she heard he had died. And her nephew shot in the head by Israeli soldiers and not allowed to have treatment – but arrested. And Salma is the headteacher of the well-known child prisoner Ahed Tamimi. And has had her school surrounded by Israeli soldiers demanding that they give some of the school students to the army…

When will this stop??

Moved too by the Islington women from Reclaim Holloway ازلنجتون 1talking against imprisonment here. ..

and the hard work of the CADFA women’s links women over 2 years raising money for this visit…

Ànd the wonderful teamwork by so many people, quietly and in a well-organised way keeping the visit going…

Long live people who care for helping others, lots of energy to everyone who works for human rights and for the sake of all of our children, hoping they come soon.

#CADFA #LinkingTogether4HumandRights

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