Please sign to call on the UK government to take some responsibility

balfourPlease sign the new declaration, begun on 2/11/17, one hundred years after the Balfour Declaration which – through and after the British Mandate in Palestine – put the British government’s support behind moves that have caused untold misery to millions of people. (The picture is just one example – some of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees in 1948 waiting for UN rations)

This new declaration from ordinary people states the importance of equal rights, human rights and international law, and calls on our government to take responsibility for their previous approach and to work urgently to achieve these aims.

HERE IS THE DECLARATION:  Please sign it here.


British People’s Declaration:

Human rights for Palestinians 100 years after Balfour

As people of Britain, standing against all racism and for the human rights of everyone, we are ashamed of the role of our country in creating a situation in Palestine where one group of people have all access to power and others are bitterly oppressed.

Since the Balfour Declaration 100 years ago, and with the support of Britain, the Zionist movement and then Israel was allowed to take over the whole of Palestine and the Palestinians have suffered worsening violations of their human rights ever since.  They are now suffering racist, cruel apartheid.

The UK is a signatory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and a high contracting party of the Geneva Conventions and has international obligations to support human rights, international humanitarian law and to fight against apartheid.

Our government had no right in the first place to promise one people’s land to another people. We ask the UK government now to take responsibility for having helped to create a problem that has led to the loss of so many lives and so much misery, and to work hard to restore the human rights to Palestinians that Britain helped to take away.

The UK should treat this as a matter of urgency, put on all pressure that it can itself and work within international fora to the same end.  Whatever the shape of the borders, we call on our government to be consistent in opposing racism, supporting equal rights and human rights and respecting international law.

*Issued by CADFA on 2/11/2017 and supported by the signatories of this petition.*


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