Rebuild the school the Israelis have demolished.

Please sign our petition, which we have written to Alistair Burt, Minister of State for the Middle East.

“We are ou20914330_1956638787951308_6453240318912885708_ntraged to hear of the destruction of a nursery school by the Israeli army and ask you urgently to raise this with the Israelis – the school should be rebuilt and the children and their education protected! Sad messages from parents say that the children were looking forward to the new school year with their new school bags packed and the teachers already in school preparing for the first day (Wednesday 23rd August) when these vehicles arrived to demolish and remove the school building (Monday 21st August).

The school in question is at the Bedouin village of Jabal al-Baba , Palestine. We understand that the building was donated by the European Union and that the area of the village is under great threat from the Israeli E1 project. The Israelis want to take the land to extend their settlements which are illegal under law, not accepted by the international community, and built on Palestinian land. Destroying the school building is aimed at destabilising the community and helping to make them leave.

We are calling on our government to take immediate and effective action to persuade the Israelis to replace the school – as well as to abide in all other senses by international law.”

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