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Twelve years ago yesterday we started the link between Camden and Abu Dis. This has grown massively in strength since that time: we have made the name of each other’s towns famous in our own towns and in Britain we have raised the level of understanding of the human rights situation in Palestine enormously.  Thousands of people have been involved in our projects during this time and we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all who have helped to keep this work going and growing.



In recognition of this effort, we are

(1) giving away a copy of one of our books on human rights with every new membership to the end of the year

And  (2) offering our books at half price, this week only. (so £5 each, usually £10 except the first one which is £8)

Our books are

  • The First Six Days (about 1967 in Abu Dis)
  • Voices from Abu Dis (about the situation there in the words of people from Abu Dis)
  • For Hammam: A Handbook for Young People about Human Rights in Palestine
  • Stories from our Mothers (women’s stories)
  • Look at Our Lives (students’ stories and photographs)

If you’d like to take advantage of either of these offers, please email us on contact@cadfa.org




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