Violent attacks and the settlement project

Press release from CADFA about our demo today at 5pm

On 31st July, an 18 month old Palestinian baby, Ali Dawabsheh from Duma village near Nablus in the West Bank was burned alive in his house which was set alight by Israeli settlers. His mother, father and 4 year old brother are still in hospital with severe burns and they are all fighting for their lives.  The settlers threw a fire bomb through a bedroom window and then stayed outside preventing help from reaching the family. They were clearly pleased about it as they scrawled a slogan on the ruined house.

Abu Dis in the Jerusalem suburb has been the Palestinian partner town of Camden through the efforts of the Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association (CADFA), for the past eleven years.  There,  people are at once badly shocked at the news and in another sense they are not surprised. There have been many arson attacks and other aggressive acts by settlers.  Every Israeli settlement has been built and expanded through the take-over of Palestinian land and bullying and violence to make local people keep away. Abu Dis remembers its own child lost to the Maale Adumim settlement: the story of 11-year-old Ali Afana is told in our book ‘Stories from Abu Dis.’

Families from Abu Dis have piled into cars and buses to go to give their sympathy to the Dawabsheh family, and one of CADFA’s volunteers from the UK, currently in Abu Dis working for Dar Assadaqa community centre, went to Duma a day or two ago along with a management committee member of Dar Assadaqa. He was hugely moved and has taken photographs of the charred house which will shortly be on the volunteers’ blog,

In Camden, CADFA members will be organising a protest and also collecting signatures in a book of condolences on Wednesday 5th August at 5pm in Kentish Town. Camden people who would like to add their signatures at another time are welcome to come to the CADFA office during office hours during this week to do so.

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