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“It was all Palestine then.”

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Happy birthday to Abu Abed from Abu Dis, who was born on this day in 1946. It was all Palestine then, before the 1947 UN partition plan (which would have put Abu Dis, with Jerusalem, into an international area – this didn’t happen) and before the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and the unceasing pain ever since. The article (pasted below) by the Palestinian News and Information Agency … Read More →

Repairing the CADFA banner


We’re repairing the CADFA banner which was made 12 or 13 years ago by women in Camden and Abu Dis. We’re looking forward to taking it with us on the Palestine march on Saturday. One of the people from Abu Dis whose embroidery is on the banner is Najah Ayyad, an old friend of CADFA and member of CADFA women’s links. Very sadly, Najah passed away at the end of … Read More →