“It was all Palestine then.”

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Happy birthday to Abu Abed from Abu Dis, who was born on this day in 1946. It was all Palestine then, before the 1947 UN partition plan (which would have put Abu Dis, with Jerusalem, into an international area – this didn’t happen) and before the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and the unceasing pain ever since.

The article (pasted below) by the Palestinian News and Information Agency suggests that there are now nine times as many Palestinians (in and out) as there were at the time of Nakbeh – though it must be hard to establish with any accuracy especially for the refugee communities abroad.

It also says that since the Nakbeh, and as a result, there have been more than 100,000 Palestinian people killed by Israel.

The Nakbeh did not finish in 1948. The dispossession is continuing. Some of these thousands shot are people who tried to return to their homes. The Israeli government is supported by Trump in trying to redefine ‘refugees’ to restrict this to the first generations. They are currently discussing a formal annexation of the West Bank.


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