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Waleed Sharaf

waleed sharaf

Please sign the petition to FREE WALEED who is very unwell and held in Israeli prison under administrative detention (ie without a charge). Note, the picture is old and comes from one of CADFA’s human reports in 2010 when Waleed was imprisoned as a child (picture taken in prison). Petition is HERE  

Two boys from Abu Dis arrested

صورة للطالبين في مخفر شرطة معالي ادوميم

Two boys from Abu Dis arrested two days ago  photographed blindfolded inside Maale Adumim police station.The arrest of Palestinian minors is a major issue. In January (out of 450 new arrests), there were 57 new young prisoners (minors) entering Ofer Jail of whom 39 were arrested in the middle of the night from their own homes. Ten were arrested on the streets. Two were arrested at military checkpoints – one … Read More →