Two boys from Abu Dis arrested

Tصورة للطالبين في مخفر شرطة معالي ادوميمwo boys from Abu Dis arrested two days ago  photographed blindfolded inside Maale Adumim police station.The arrest of Palestinian minors is a major issue. In January (out of 450 new arrests), there were 57 new young prisoners (minors) entering Ofer Jail of whom 39 were arrested in the middle of the night from their own homes. Ten were arrested on the streets. Two were arrested at military checkpoints – one in Jerusalem for having no military permission for being there. Five were told to go to the Israeli Civil Department and when they went, they were arrested. One (a minor) was shot with bullets before he was arrested. The lawyers of seventeen of them said that they had been tortured during days of interrogation before being sent to prison.What this means is education disrupted, psychological trauma for the prisoners, acute worries for the families. The experience of arrest and imprisonment and release with no trial is compounded with a further punishment to the families. As shown in the CADFA human rights reports over the past 12 years, the regular collection of fines (even for people released with no charge) is crippling for families.The families of young people just in Ofer Prison paid between them *60,000 NIS* to Israel in fines JUST IN JANUARY.

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