Linking together for human rights

Young life lost

محمد خلف لافي

Today was a terrible day in Palestine and several young people were killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers. Among them, a young man from Abu Dis, a towjehi (A level) student, was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier in the middle of Abu Dis today and buried this evening. Mohammed was a good student at the Arab Institute School in Abu Dis, and apparently only yesterday heard that he … Read More →

Worrying about today in Jerusalem.

21-7- street event

Worrying about today in Jerusalem. Anyone who has been to Hebron – for example on a CADFA visit to Palestine – knows the bad situation with the Ibrahimi Mosque closed off with Israeli army checkpoints and turnstiles and searches and metal detectors This is what the Israelis are trying to do to the Al Aqsa in Jerusalem – already it’s hard for Palestinians to get to the city with walls, … Read More →

Ma’an project public events


The first exchange of the Ma’an- Together project, a leaders’ training exchange that was held in June-July 2 017, also gave us the opportunity to meet local people in Llanidloes, Knighton and Camden. Our visitors from France and Palestine as well as the people from CADFA  discussed the situation of young people in their own countries. Issues of discrimination in Europe were discussed as well as human rights in Palestine. We … Read More →