Young life lost

Today was a terrible day in Palestine and several young people were killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers. Among them, a young man from Abu Dis, a towjehi (A level) student, was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier in the middle of Abu Dis today and buried this evening. Mohammed was a good student at the Arab Institute School in Abu Dis, and apparently only yesterday heard that he had a scholarship to go and study for a degree in Algeria. We send our deep condolences to his family and our love and solidarity to the people of Palestine at this terrible time.

محمد خلف لافي

This appalling tragedy affects so many. Read this from a father in Abu Dis this evening:

“I am at the shahed’s family house (*shahid= the young man killed by Israeli soldiers). I can see his father… If you just see his face, he is looking behind everybody who enters the house. I think he is still not believing. I think he is still hoping that it’s a dream and soon he will wake up by his son entering the house behind all these hundreds who are coming to support and stand by the family in this nightmare.,,,

Its not at all safe for our kids here.I am here worrying about my son – he said “this is my friend who was killed and we his friend most do something at least to show these killers that we are not animals, we feel and care for each other. Hundreds of young people went now on a demo and I did not manage to stop my son to join but looking at the face of Mohammed’s father and imagining myself in his place is hard. What about others? It must stop – we can’t continue losing our children like this. It’s not fair. They deserve a better life.”

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