Linking together for human rights

Dar Assadaqa, Abu Dis is moving to a new home and seeking our help – Please help us to provide opportunities for young people and women to develop their skills and confidence in speaking out about human rights and their personal experience – Art - Journalism –Photography – Radio – Drama - English language – Film.

Join CADFA’s next human rights visit to Palestine. We are planning a visit in autumn 2016 – ask for more details. CADFA’s visits to Palestine are run by Palestinians. You will learn what people’s lives are like under Israeli occupation. You will see historic and beautiful places, experience Palestine's rich culture and meet a wide range of people. More information:

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CADFA volunteers in Palestine and Britain work to maintain communication between schools and other organisations in the two countries. Volunteering with CADFA is a great opportunity to learn about Palestine, human rights and to share your language and your skills.

17th September 2016 – A date for your diary

Fifteen visitors from Abu Dis will join CADFA’s Twinning in Action Conference in London, celebrating grassroots twinning with Palestine and helping to strengthen the next steps.


Latest News

CADFA is participating in EVS

CADFA is proud to be participating in the European Commission’s European Voluntary Service (EVS) where we are sending groups of volunteers to Abu Dis to contribute to our twinning links.


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