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CADFA has had a very full year and is planning much more activity for the year starting September. Click here for CADFA Update – August 2015 which tells you something of what we’ve been doing and some ways to get involved.

Report of the most recent CADFA visit to Palestine


The visitors to Palestine on the CADFA tour April 2015 divided between them the task of writing a diary about their visit to Palestine. See below for the reports of the different days, and contact CADFA if you are interested in joining the next tour! Introduction Camden Abu Dis Week in Palestine 18.04.15 – 26.04.15 Monday – Hebron Tuesday – Chris photos Wednesday – Ramallah and Shu’fat Thursday – Jerusalem photos … Read More →

A month in Abu Dis: May 2015

may 2015

The people of Abu Dis continued to suffer on a daily basis from the restrictions and violence of the occupation: the huge Separation Wall, the ID system and the checkpoints all round them, the constriction and loss of land to the settlements, and the almost-daily incursions of fully-armed Israeli soldiers because of the presence of a military camp right in the middle of town. Read about May 2015 here…     … Read More →