Linking together for human rights

Please help us fund ‘Beyond the Checkpoints’

We are starting again to fundraise for Beyond the Checkpoints – an exciting summer project for young people in Palestine that will take them to explore their own country and prepare to tell other people of their experiences. This is the second  year of Beyond the Checkpoints: last summer’s was very special and we hope that this year a new group of young people will find it even more interesting … Read More →

Grieving the death of Khader Adnan


Grieving the death of Khader Adnan who died in an Israeli jail in his 87th day of hunger strike against imprisonment without trial. Our thoughts go out to his family and community. And to all Palestinians living under Israeli occupation (or displaced from the land by Israeli occupation), struggling under deepest racism at every turn. Please find our press release at this link.  

Health professionals visit Palestine


A group of twelve (doctors, therapists, a midwife and an artist-in-residence!) set off to visit Palestine on a CADFA visit three years after originally planned – thanks to Covid. Hosted by the Al Quds University in Abu Dis and also visiting other parts of the country, the group are getting the opportunity to learn from Palestinian medics and health professionals as well as CADFA’s wide range of contacts across Jerusalem … Read More →