Linking together for human rights

News from CADFA Sonunu project – meetings between young people in UK and Palestine


The CADFA Sonunu project brings young people from the UK and Palestine together to share experiences, discuss human rights and work on small projects together. In the autumn term,  school and youth club groups in the two countries worked together on a calendar and several short films.  We are hoping to build on this now with work in the spring term leading to a conference on 26th March on Youth Links with Palestine, … Read More →

Material on Israel/Palestine


  Teaching material on Israel/Palestine We are looking for all the school materials we can on Israel/ Palestine (we know some but are looking for more) We would also love to hear your experiences of working with schools on Israel/ Palestine -– linking with Palestinian schools, perhaps – or related activity We aim to put together a review of best practice and share this – Any thoughts, suggestions appreciated. We … Read More →