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Another Life Lost

10,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers in twenty years. Now another life lost at a military checkpoint – Dr Mai Afana from Abu Dis – and the Israeli army have not returned her body. Family and community in her town, Abu Dis,, are calling on the international community to support their campaign for her body to be returned.   Another Life Lost – YouTube  

Mai Afana Demo 12 July 21


Abu Dis people are continuing to demonstrate in support of the demand for Dr Mai Afana’s body to be returned so that her family can bury her. Here (yesterday) outside Maale Adumim settlement. Please sign the petition to the UK Foreign Office here.

TEN THOUSAND people have been killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers in the past 20 years.

عائلة عفانة

The terrible killing of Mai Afana is part of a much bigger picture. CADFA is a small organisation that sees a tiny part of the picture. But in this tiny part, so many tragedies. Over the nearly 18 years of CADFA (from end of 2003), we have become increasingly shocked by the killings, often of young people, and of course the effects on family after family left grieving and traumatised … Read More →

Another tragedy at a checkpoint

ام مي

The terrible killing of Dr Mai Afana at a checkpoint north of Abu Dis on 16th May. Please sign the petition here.   This week, our friends in Abu Dis are in deep grief following the killing of a young woman who was killed at Hizma checkpoint on Wednesday 16th June.  Dr Mai Afana was a young lecturer who had just completed her doctorate and had a young daughter. She left her daughter with … Read More →

Schools should start from human rights.

gavin williamson double

We were concerned to see  the Department for Education telling schools to talk about the Israel/Palestine conflict with the help of one-sided organisations and without commitment to human rights. We have written an open letter to Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State: see picture. Text of our letter: Dear Gavin Williamson Starting with human rights.    –  OPEN LETTER This letter is a response to your recent letter to schools and their approaches to … Read More →