Linking together for human rights

A horrible car accident


This is a photo of a huge funeral yesterday evening in Abu Dis following a horrible car accident that killed a teenager and has left very many others injured and in great danger. We are so very sad to hear of this. We send our condolences to the family of Ahmed Radwan Afaneh and to all the people of Abu Dis, and we hope that those who are injured (from Abu … Read More →

Volunteer with CADFA in the UK or Palestine

We’re very grateful to the many volunteers who work for CADFA in a lot of different ways, and we can offer good, supported volunteer opportunities to others too. If you (coming from the UK) would like to volunteer in the UK, you may find yourself helping with events, stalls, media, artwork, campaigning, language teaching or outreach… The place to start is filling in our volunteer form. In Palestine, Dar Assadaqa is also … Read More →