Linking together for human rights

Schools should start from human rights.

gavin williamson double

We were concerned to see  the Department for Education telling schools to talk about the Israel/Palestine conflict with the help of one-sided organisations and without commitment to human rights. We have written an open letter to Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State: see picture. Text of our letter: Dear Gavin Williamson Starting with human rights.    –  OPEN LETTER This letter is a response to your recent letter to schools and their approaches to … Read More →

Time for Human Rights

May 2021 leaflet

Wonderful to see seas of people protesting in London again and all the big cities and even the small towns and villages. The bombing has stopped with a ceasefire but the issues that caused it remain, as do the signs of destruction, the woundings and killings. We mourn the people lost and the ugly racism that made this happen. At the same time we are all heartened by the unity in … Read More →

CADFA press release 16th May 2021


Today, 16th May, we will take our placards (pictured, being made a couple of days ago, and being used yesterday) to Kentish Town to continue to raise awareness among local people of the situation in Palestine.  We know from our work over the past seventeen and a half years how many already care very much and how that number is growing. Huge numbers of people are disgusted by the large-scale … Read More →

Open letter to Keir Starmer


27th April 2021 Dear Keir Starmer APARTHEID IN ISRAEL/PALESTINE We are sending this open letter also to our members, friends and others. Today, the internationally-respected organisation Human Rights Watch issued a report ‘A Threshold Crossed,’ carefully explaining that the situation in Palestine/Israel can be called apartheid. This follows a report by the Israeli organisation B’tselem which came to the same conclusion in January. CADFA believes that the threshold to apartheid … Read More →

Abed’s walk 2 – Cut off by the Wall


In his second fundraising walk, Abed goes to the Separation Wall on the south and the north of Abu Dis.The Israeli Separation Wall cuts through Abu Dis land all along its west side, and divides it both from agricultural land (then under threat of takeover by Israeli settlers) and from the centre of Jerusalem with its services and its historical and cultural significance to everyone in Abu Dis.  See the video HERE … Read More →

Abed’s walk 1 – prisoner day

Yazan 1

Abed’s fundraising initiative* started on Palestinian Prisoner Day 17th April 2021.  His first walk takes him to Al Quds University  prisoner museum and to meet an ex-prisoner, the father of a young man in prison and to a family celebration when a school boy prisoner is released. See his short video here –  * Fundraising page link.