Linking together for human rights

Ma’an project youth exchange in France

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The second part of the CADFA Ma’an project was a youth exchange with young people from Palestine, the UK and France together in France.  The plan was to do this in Bordeaux but owing to a change of partners, this exchange moved to Aubervilliers in the Paris banlieue. What an interesting exchange for everyone involved!  It focused on discrimination, not just in Palestine but in Europe. Some reports can be … Read More →

Ma’an project now in France

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The next stage of CADFA’s Ma’an-Together project is a youth exchange in France, with new partners in the Paris banlieue. This is a very new experience for everyone, introducing a new language into the equation as well as hearing new things about each other’s lives (and the Palestinians shocked at seeing young people in France chased around by armed police…). In this picture, young people are swapping experiences and discussing discrimination. “Issa is speaking, … Read More →