Linking together for human rights

Visit Palestine with CADFA

card 12Human rights visits, run by Palestinians.

CADFA have taken dozens of tours and hundreds of people to Palestine. These are not tourist visits although you will see historic and beautiful places. They are serious visits for people wanting to understand the human rights situation. When our visitors return to UK, we ask them to feedback to others about what they have learned and we hope that they will find ways to be active. For this reason CADFA subsidises the costs of the visits and even more for our members.

Our visits have excellent reviews.  Each tour is a full programme of visits and meetings with organisations and people of many sorts, a chance to sample the rich culture of Palestine and see what has happened to the people under Israeli occupation. There is time to reflect and discuss future activities. If you come from a twinning group, we will arrange for you to meet your twinning partner.

Visits are usually for eight days. Indicative programme:  Political geography of West Bank, visits to historical centres, main towns, refugee camps and villages, a focus on human rights, people’s lives, activities possible for twinning groups. Places visited on previous visits include Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, Jordan Valley.   The detail of a programme is worked on following reading of all the application forms. We give full information on how to get there and help visitors prepare. We run a support/ feedback session in London when visitors return.

If you’re interested, please fill our application form (do not send a deposit at this stage): here.