Linking together for human rights

Building Hope – Palestinian visits to the UK 2022

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See HERE for events during the youth workers’ visit

Youth visits give young Palestinians the opportunity to meet young people from the UK, share experiences together and tell each other about their lives. This is part of CADFA’s work of raising awareness of the situation in Palestine and encouraging people to work for human rights.

Throughout Covid, CADFA has helped schools and youth clubs to link together on Zoom. Now travel is possible again, we plan to bring Palestinian youth workers and young people to the UK this summer to visit schools and youth clubs, play sports and exchange stories.

Our Building Hope project will include two visits – Back in Action visit of youth workers in May 2022, and Sonunu visit of young people in June-July 2022. This will be a window on the world for these young people and a window on Palestine for everyone they meet. In a very difficult time it will build hope.

BACK IN ACTION Youth workers’ visit (21st May to 1st June) is a co0operative project with the Palestinian Higher Council of Youth and Sports. It will train youth workers from both countries to run international youth visits , drawing on CADFA’s experience in the past two decades. The Palestinians will have the opportunity to visit a number of towns in the Midlands as well as London – Look out for them at public events. If you are a UK youth worker, would you like to join in part of the visit?

SONUNU Youth visit (28th June to 11th July) will bring young people from our Sonunu project (boys aged 14-15) to meet their partner schools as well as to meet other young people, see a number of different places in England and Wales and participate in public meetings. They will also contribute to a conference on School Links with Palestine on 10th July- see Events. If you are a UK teacher or youth worker: it may be possible for your school or youth club to be involved in this visit – do ask.