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In the past year, your donations have been used for…

Funding Dar Assadaqa community centre in Abu Dis which runs a programme of activities for youth and for women.

Running events and workshops in London to raise awareness of the human rights situation in Palestine

Visits from Palestine to the UK (women, students, youth workers and individual visits) on creative projects with people in the UK

Developing students’ links, women’s links and youth links between people in Palestine and in London.

Volunteers from the UK working in Palestine, based at Dar Assadaqa community centre, Abu Dis.

Collecting reports of the human rights situation in Abu Dis and Palestine and producing reports, leaflets and information in Britain.

Providing speakers across the country on the situation in Palestine.

Campaigning in the UK on important human rights issues in Palestine including the E1 settlement expansion, administrative detention, the right to travel, child prisoners, raising them both at a local level and with policy-makers through petitions, letters and meetings. activities  and events at Cafe Palestina in Kentish Town and across the country.