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We were proud to have young people from Palestine visit with the girls’ football visit last November/ December,  taking with them to many schools, tournaments and activities of all sorts both happy things (smiles, football) and more seriously a knowledge of the human rights violations they suffer under the Israeli occupation. One of the distinctive parts of CADFA’s work is to create links between people in the UK and in Palestine so … Read More →

Brilliant visit – thank you to everyone who supported it!


After so long in the planning, the Football 4 Freedom girls’ football visit from Palestine to the UK was wonderful. Thank you so much to hundreds of people who supported in donations, arrangements, attending matches and in so many other ways.  There were so many activities  in so many places – 13 schools, 8 public meetings, 2 football tournaments and many other matches, special meals, visits to all sorts of … Read More →

Football 4 Freedom – going ahead!


Football 4 Freedom Update 6th September 2019 – Information about the Palestinian girls’ football visit from Palestine, 23rd November to 3rd December 2019. Dear everyone     This year we began fundraising for this big visit without the help of big grant funding. We initially found it difficult to  get it going – earlier in the summer, we didn’t see how we would raise all the money we needed to … Read More →

Fundraising for the girls’ football visit


This week, women footballers from England hope to win the World Cup semi-finals – and (very) young women footballers from Abu Dis hope to come to the UK to play football with girls from here! Help us to bring them and their friends to the UK to play football with girls here in October!   CROWDFUNDER HERE

Football 4 Freedom

CADFA are working now to raise the money for a Palestinian girls’ football visit to the UK – we hope in October 2019. The Abu Dis girls’ football club started about three years ago, and since that time we have wanted to reinforce the links there are with Abu Dis by bringing girls over here to play football with girls from Camden. It has been a long time coming but we … Read More →

Looking forward to our visitors from Palestine and France


 (This photo was taken during the last Ma’an exchange in Palestine by Sohayb Megraoui) CADFA is now working hard on the next youth exchange that is part of the Erasmus+ – funded Ma’an project –  The youth exchange to the UK is just weeks away.  This is part of the project that has been going on for the past year  (see the project blog). The previous youth exchanges have concentrated on anti-discrimination (France, … Read More →