Linking together for human rights

Youth visit coming up!

Being Young in Palestine 2 leaflet

We are looking forward to our youth visit from Palestine that is now very close! Please do have a look here in Events for times and venues of times you can meet them… in many places across the country.  This is going to be an interesting (and we hope fun!) time for them all, visiting schools, towns, the countryside, and meeting many people. The events will be in Camden/Ilford/ Northampton/ Nelson/ Shrewsbury/Knighton /Llanidloes / Hereford … Read More →

A weekend of walks


For CADFA in both the UK and Palestine, this was a special weekend of sponsored walks with many people working to raise money for the Building Hope project, with special concentration on the Palestinian children’s visit of June-July. In both countries, the walks were in special places – beautiful Wal al-Qilt, Palestine, and the lovely Offa’s Dyke Path on the Welsh border in the UK.  Many thanks to everyone young and … Read More →

Building Hope visits this summer

bldg hope

BUILDING HOPE: VIDEO HERE Palestinian children like any others want to explore the world and meet other young people.  But they are living under military occupation and grow up confined between separation walls, Israeli settlements and military checkpoints. They have constant pressure from the presence of military camps and the knowledge that their friends have been imprisoned, wounded and even killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers. Youth visits give young … Read More →

News from CADFA Sonunu project – meetings between young people in UK and Palestine


The CADFA Sonunu project brings young people from the UK and Palestine together to share experiences, discuss human rights and work on small projects together. In the autumn term,  school and youth club groups in the two countries worked together on a calendar and several short films.  We are hoping to build on this now with work in the spring term leading to a conference on 26th March on Youth Links with Palestine, … Read More →

Crowdfunder launched: A Voice for Young Palestinians


Help young Palestinians to develop their media skills and work with young people from the UK to send their stories across the world. Please support the CADFA crowdfunder – read more here. (Those who have known CADFA a long time will recognise this picture from a previous CADFA media project   )



A collaboration between UK and Palestinian students organised by CADFA, Soapbox and Dar Assadaqa (part of CADFA’s Sonunu project 2021). UK students try to imagine living without the human rights they take for granted – Palestinian students imagine having those rights.