Linking together for human rights

Students’ visit to the UK!


CADFA now has dates for the next Palestinian university students’ visit to the UK – end of Jan to early February. We’re working with students and others in the UK and our friends in the Bedford-Al Walaja group and looking forward to another exciting student exchange. Here is a short film made by students in both countries attached to a crowdfunder: If you are from a university in the … Read More →

Warm welcome to the football visit


  Now six days in to the Football 4 Freedom visit and what a packed programme. We’re very proud of the young visitors who have made a great start to their visit and equally grateful to our many, great friends who have helped in so many practical ways. There has been great football, some very interesting meetings with people young and old in schools and public meetings as well as a chance … Read More →

Football 4 Freedom girls coming next week!

A last week of preparations in both countries for the girl footballers from Abu Dis . In Abu Dis, they are preparing for travel and trying to imagine what we mean by ‘cold’… In London and the other places in England and Wales that the group will be visiting, plans for public meetings, football matches, school visits and more.. We do hope you have the chance to see them – … Read More →

Off to get their visas ..


Wish it was as simple as that!  It would be if they were Israeli… NO… if they were Israeli they wouldn’t have to do all this working, paying, fingerprinting, waiting…. The  UK wouldn’t even ask them for a visa!! Meanwhile, our football girls are involved in the long process of getting a UK visa.  We were sent this photo yesterday when the girl footballers and coaches and their Abu Dis … Read More →

Organising a students’ visit from Palestine

students 3

In both Camden and Abu Dis, university students have been meeting in the last month to plan for a university students’ visit from Palestine in January or February  2020 to continue CADFA’s long tradition – we love our student visits! The idea is to use our usual format – induction residential/ group visits to universities/ London conference on student twinning. We don’t have outside funding for a student visit from Palestine but we’re … Read More →