Linking together for human rights

An amazing youth visit – ‘better than I could have believed’


CADFA’s  June 2015  youth visit brought 15 Palestinians with their UK friends to Norfolk , Norwich, Cambridge and London. So much happened on the visit -outings, school visits, drama workshops, child prisoner marches, public events and fun. Find out more about it from the blog and get in touch with us to take part in future youth links with Palestine. This was part of the Erasmus + ‘Twinning in Action’ project.

Proposed Palestinian teachers’ visit to UK

This is to let you know about the Palestinian teachers’ visit to the UK that we hope to be organising in the autumn or in January 2016 (we are currently seeking the best dates). IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, LET US KNOW!! The objectives of this project are: • To strengthen the links between schools and youth organisations in the two countries •To create an opportunity for teachers from the UK … Read More →

Palestinian women’s Hackney visit ends in tragedy


Four Palestinian women who visited Hackney to discuss human rights experienced a tragic end to their trip, when Israeli soldiers shot dead a judge travelling on the same bus as them.       Read the full story here: