Linking together for human rights

Arabic in Palestine


Arabic in Palestine – an exciting change to our planned October virtual visit to Palestine! This will now be an ARABIC-LEARNING visit to Palestine, including ARABIC CLASSES with the great Cafe Palestina Arabic tutor, and Arabic language partners from Palestine, as well as useful VISITS to groups and individuals in Abu Dis, Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Nablus, Jordan Valley and more, as we do with our usual CADFA visits. We know … Read More →

Virtual visits… Report on CADFA’s two summer initiatives.

nablus area

Faced with Corona and the cancellation of our planned visits to Palestine and from Palestine to the UK, CADFA is really happy to have discovered the magic carpet we have been needing for years – We ran our summer visits on Zoom!  The outcomes have been magic too – better than we could have imagined! Our visits to the UK in July and to Palestine in August brought dozens of … Read More →

“It was a big time commitment – but worth it.”/ “I learnt more than I thought possible”


Thank you very much to our lovely visitors for the excellent feedback that they gave from our virtual visit to Palestine in August. Every one of them said that it exceeded their expectations and that they had learned a lot.  We also expected less – because it was a virtual visit  – than was in the end achieved. Now we are encouraged to do another one! And we are inviting applications. We asked our … Read More →

CADFA virtual visit to Palestine ( Hebron Day)


Virtual visit to Palestine on our way to Hebron today. It is shocking to see how Google labels the Palestinian lands by the names of the Israeli settlements. It reflects the reality of the takeover of course but these are still Palestinian lands. Now going past checkpoints, refugee camps, Israeli settlements, Palestinian towns shut in with gates, again and again soldiers and finally… Hebron. #LinkingTogether4HumanRights

Pushing Palestinians from Jerusalem


Today the virtual visit to Palestine went to Jerusalem, where we went (virtually) to Im al Zarazeer, the Old City and Beit Safafa and heard a number of talks about Palestinian life in the city. All of the talks were about the pressures Israel is putting on Palestinians and one was about the issue of Jerusalem residency. Since it was started, Israel has continually pushed Palestinians from the city, first … Read More →