Linking together for human rights

Very different lives

Abu Dis

An innocent question from a Welsh school group to a Palestinian school group on a Zoom meeting today jumped straight into the heart of the human rights issues… “Where do you go on holiday?” Silence from the Palestinians who are so confined… We asked the Welsh group where they go (Spain, Australia!.. and some not of course). Then we asked, “How many of you have been to the sea?” (All … Read More →

Abed’s walk 2 – Cut off by the Wall


In his second fundraising walk, Abed goes to the Separation Wall on the south and the north of Abu Dis.The Israeli Separation Wall cuts through Abu Dis land all along its west side, and divides it both from agricultural land (then under threat of takeover by Israeli settlers) and from the centre of Jerusalem with its services and its historical and cultural significance to everyone in Abu Dis.  See the video HERE … Read More →

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الجدار صورة

Between 17th April (Palestinian prisoner day) and 1st May (workers’ day), Abed will make a series of walks from the centre of Abu Dis in order to draw attention to the confinement of the people of Abu Dis, and to raise money for CADFA. LINK HERE He says… I am walking to raise money for CADFA and to raise awareness about an important issue in our lives in Abu Dis, … Read More →

A journey to hospital


Abu Dis’ local hospital, Al Muqassed – on the Mount of Olives, visible from the middle of Abu Dis – is as far from CADFA’s centre in Abu Dis, Dar Assadaqa, as Camden’s UCLH is distant from CADFA’s centre in Cafe Palestina! But it is not so easy for people to get to as this account tells: “Last Tuesday I was called from Abu Dis Health Centre to say that my … Read More →

48 years of occupation


The attached report – A month in Abu Dis June 2015 – gives a snapshot of events in the town 48 years after the Israeli occupation. The report draws attention to the Separation Wall and the difficulties it caused during Ramadan and to administrative detention (imprisonment without trial) and to child imprisonment.

Blue and Green IDs

My name is Fatheah Abu Hilal, and I am from Beit Hanina, a town near Jerusalem. I have five brothers and five sisters, and I am the oldest child in our family . I want to tell you that Beit Hanina is divided in to pieces by the Apartheid Wall. My father has a green (West Bank) ID and my mother has the blue (Israeli) ID . When I was … Read More →