Linking together for human rights

Support Ismail in his hunger strike


Yesterday we told you the good news that Huthaifa Badr is finished with his hunger strike because a date has been set for his release. Today we are asking you to support Ismail, another young man from Abu Dis who has been in prison on administrative detention for over six months and is currently on hunger strike for his own freedom and against the system of administrative detention (imprisonment with no trial).  … Read More →

Huthaifa Badr has finally won


Great celebrations today –  A date for the release of Huthaifa Badr has been agreed and he is coming off his hunger strike!   It is outrageous that the date of release agreed with the Israelis is still three months away – he should never have been in jail without trial for over fifteen months so why should he do three months more? After a hunger strike of 67 days and tremendous … Read More →

Huthaifa is in grave danger

Huthaifa, an Abu Dis prisoner on hunger strike since 1st July is really near the end and our friends there are asking us to urgently step up the campaign for his release. Having spent 15 (fifteen) months in prison without trial and 2 months on hunger strike calling for his own release and in general an end to ‘administrative detention’, only taking salt water, Huthaifa has now vowed to stop taking … Read More →

January 2017 in Abu Dis

mother begging

The picture shows a mother in Abu Dis, begging the Israeli army not to arrest her son.  See more in this month’s human rights report from Abu Dis here.