Linking together for human rights

Please sign petition to free Mohammed – No prison without trial!

Please sign the petition HERE We are calling for an end of Israel’s policy of mass imprisonment of Palestinians and in particular the policy of administrative detention – there should be no imprisonment without trial.  We  believe that Palestinian prisoners should be released in a hurry because of the Corona virus which is rumoured to be spreading in Israeli prisons. Here we are calling in particular for the release of … Read More →

January 2017 in Abu Dis

mother begging

The picture shows a mother in Abu Dis, begging the Israeli army not to arrest her son.  See more in this month’s human rights report from Abu Dis here.

Undercover soldiers shoot and arrest young people

On Friday 19th August, Israeli undercover forces drove into Abu Dis in a Palestinian car, dressed as civilians. Witnesses report that they got out of the car close to group of young people and began to shoot. One young man was shot in both his legs and he and four young teenagers were seized by the army. Further army forces arrived in military jeeps and the young people were taken … Read More →

Palestinian Prisoner Day

prisoner day

CADFA marked Palestinian Prisoner Day on 17th April in Kentish Town, collecting signatures on a letter to the Foreign Office, saying that… The Israeli policy of mass imprisonment of Palestinians affects almost every family. Currently there are around 7000 prisoners in Israeli prisons including hundreds of children. We call for an end to • the *Israeli policy of mass imprisonment of Palestinians* • *Imprisonment of children* • *Imprisonment with no trial* … Read More →

48 years of occupation


The attached report – A month in Abu Dis June 2015 – gives a snapshot of events in the town 48 years after the Israeli occupation. The report draws attention to the Separation Wall and the difficulties it caused during Ramadan and to administrative detention (imprisonment without trial) and to child imprisonment.