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We are seeking to give a jump-start to the human rights media work with young people and women at Dar Assadaqa, Abu Dis.  Young people in Abu Dis live between the Israeli Separation Wall, checkpoints, settlements and the Israeli military camp. Many have had their education disrupted through time in Israeli jails. This project will provide training, support and resources to improve the skills and confidence of young people in … Read More →

Children’s summer activities at Dar Assadaqa

summer camp photo 2

Dar Assadaqa, Abu Dis has heen full of summer activities for children – art, English, visits to the local area and also photography and film making… Have a look at the Dar Assadaqa blog for some more photographs here. A CADFA volunteer, a teacher from London, has helped with the activities for the past month.  She says that she has really enjoyed it and certainly the Abu Dis children have … Read More →

Dar Assadaqa has moved to a new home!

Dar Assadaqa, Abu Dis, has just moved to a new home in the main street of Abu Dis! This is the centre that CADFA supports in Abu Dis: its focus is on human rights, youth activities and international exchange.  It also has activities for women. Pictures are some of the people at a meeting while the centre was still moving (in May) – women from Abu Dis and women from the UK … Read More →

Dar Assadaqa summer camp starts in a hot Abu Dis!

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It’s really hot in the Middle East this summer – “we are all burning up with the heat” say friends in Abu Dis.  But inside the old building of Dar Assadaqa, CADFA volunteers from the UK are helping with the second children’s summer camp of the year (the first was before Ramadan). Young people are taking part in art, drama, sport and games. One of the volunteers has made a fundraising page … Read More →