Linking together for human rights

End the violence, stop the killings

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  Every day is bringing more bad news from Palestine, where over 50 people have been killed in the past three weeks. An estimated 5000 people have been injured. Videos of horrible events are pouring out. CADFA is holding a series of street events like this one in Kentish Town to protest about what is happening, talk to people and collect petition signatures.

Call for human rights in Palestine

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The month of October has so far been a terrible time in Palestine. Following tension around the Al Aqaa Mosque when settlers and the Israeli army entered it in early September,  and the increasing involvement of the armed settler movement, there has been increasing trouble. The Israeli government gave notice of a shoot to kill policy against demonstrators. In October, serious bloodshed started: we have in the last three weeks seen … Read More →

Visit to our new MP

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CADFA visitors from Camden and Abu Dis visited Keir Starmer, our new MP, to tell him of our concerns about human rights in Palestine. Young Palestinians told him about their friends and class mates who were in prison. We asked him to support our visa equality campaign (see our petition and please sign it too).

2,600 Bedouins threatened with displacement as Israeli settlements expand

  The “E1” area of the West Bank, comprising 12 square kilometers, lies between the Maale Adumim settlement and occupied East Jerusalem, curling around and separating the Palestinian towns of Anata and Abu Dis. While E1 is home to roughly 2,600 Bedouins, Israel has prevented any Palestinian development there so that Maale Adumim might expand and new settlements can go up.   Read the full story here:

A Checkpoint for Women

We were sent this from Abu Dis: I was told by my sister Abeer that there was a checkpoint just for women on the University Street.  The soldiers stopped her for one hour together with 20 girls most of them from Al Quds University.  She added that the solders held her ID without telling her anything.  They released her but all the students were left there waiting. ————————– Note it … Read More →

Solana says he is shocked by settlement growth in occupied West Bank

Javier Solana, EU Foreign Policy Chief, toured several Arab towns near Jerusalem on Sunday and said that he is shocked by the Israeli settlement growth in the occupied West Bank. He called on Israel to freeze its settlement activities and stop the construction of the Annexation Wall. Solana stated that these activities could hinder the Arab-Israeli peace process. Read the full story here: