Linking together for human rights

Palestinian Voices Matter Sponsored Walk

We’re looking forward to the student visit to Britain starting next week. They will be visiting universities and towns across Britain and there will be many opportunities to hear them speak (see ‘events’) as CADFA is working with local groups from the north (Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Chester) to the Midlands (Leicester, Bedford, Northampton, Cambridge) to Brighton in the South, not forgetting many places in London including Cafe Palestina! To help raise … Read More →

Seven pledges for human rights

3-10- مواجهات في كبسه

We’re very concerned to see a serious step against freedom of speech on Palestine as candidates to be party leader  (currently Labour, could be any other party) are being asked to accept a series of pledges indicating accepting all parts of the IHRA definition of anti-semitism including its controversial examples. These conflate criticism of racism by Israel and anti-semitism in a way that we and many others (including vocal Jewish … Read More →

Events across Britain

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CADFA are preparing now for many exciting visits from Palestine that will help to raise awareness of the human rights situation there, involve people here in the UK in campaigns for human rights in Palestine  and keep the energy and interest in twinning links alive.  In the next few months, three visits from Palestine will take our visitors to meet hundreds of people across Britain – look out for a chance … Read More →

“It was all Palestine then.”

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Happy birthday to Abu Abed from Abu Dis, who was born on this day in 1946. It was all Palestine then, before the 1947 UN partition plan (which would have put Abu Dis, with Jerusalem, into an international area – this didn’t happen) and before the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and the unceasing pain ever since. The article (pasted below) by the Palestinian News and Information Agency … Read More →

Waleed Sharaf

waleed sharaf

Please sign the petition to FREE WALEED who is very unwell and held in Israeli prison under administrative detention (ie without a charge). Note, the picture is old and comes from one of CADFA’s human reports in 2010 when Waleed was imprisoned as a child (picture taken in prison). Petition is HERE  

Visa Equality petition

8 FEB 2018 — Many thanks for signing the Visa Equality petition. We now have over 5000 signatures and the question is how to push this further forward. We would be very grateful if (1) you would share it with your friends and with any group you are part of and (2) if you would send the link to your MP, MEP or other representative to ask him/ her to … Read More →