Linking together for human rights

Hoping and praying that Yousef gets well.

يوسف ربيع 1

Terrible news yesterday in Abu Dis as a youth of 17, Yousef Rabiyeh, was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers. Dangerously wounded, he was put by the soldiers in their military jeep and the paramedics from the Palestinian ambulance that came to his rescue were not allowed to approach – but his mother came running when she heard what had happened, and she held him and the door of … Read More →

Army violence at the Al Quds University


    Army violence isn’t new at Al Quds University in Abu Dis, where students and staff tell us every so often of invasions by the Israeli army. But in the last few days there have been demonstrations, clashes, army shooting across the West Bank following the death of a prisoner in Israeli jail, and so much army activity in and around the Al Quds University that it has had … Read More →

Snapshots from a women’s visit to Palestine

The CADFA women’s visit to Palestine in November brought together twelve women from all over Britain and took them for a week of activities with women in the University and town of Abu Dis, meetings with women (and others) in the centre and south of the West Bank. Lots of seeing, learning and discussion. It was lovely to meet women friends old and new but very difficult to see that the pressures … Read More →

Beyond the Checkpoints summer project starts in Palestine.

BTC Aida

Best wishes to all the young people from 5 Palestinian villages and towns who started the Beyond the Checkpoints project today. This is the summer project run by CADFA/Dar Assadaqa which will take them to show each other their own villages and join workshops on human rights and advocacy skills. Today’s outing took them to Aida Camp in Bethlehem where they were welcomed by ArRowwad Cultural Centre and taken on … Read More →

Visa equality needed

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Old friends of CADFA may remember our visa equality campaign – How appalling for the British government to accept the apartheid divisions imposed by Israel on the Palestinians, that is to accept Israeli settlers into Britain with no visas while they put the Palestinians living in the same place through a long and humiliating visa experience, and even treat Jerusalemites in a different way from West Bankers! Now we are back … Read More →

A sad international women’s day

sad fathea

It was a sad international women’s day event yesterday as the speakers from Abu Dis were talking on the day that a 14-year old,  Yamin Jaffal, had been buried; he was shot by an Israeli soldier two days ago in the middle of Abu Dis. We dedicated this evening to his mother. Fathea (pictured)  and Abeer told people that as a Palestinian woman you will be the wife or mother … Read More →