Warm welcome to the football visit



Now six days in to the Football 4 Freedom visit and what a packed programme. We’re very proud of the young visitors who have made a great start to their visit and equally grateful to our many, great friends who have helped in so many practical ways. There has been great football, some very interesting meetings with people young and old in schools and public meetings as well as a chance for the visitors to look around them.  In less than a week, hundreds of people in London, the North, mid-Wales and the Midlands have met, watched, listened to the visitors. You can, too! See ‘get involved’ for links to public events and for the photos on the blog, which will (perhaps slowly) be put on there to give you an idea of the visit activities.

4 thoughts on “Warm welcome to the football visit”

  1. Hi

    Just seen the great initiative of bringing a team from Palestine to experience football in England.

    We are a grassroot club based in South West London. We have been developing our girls project for the last 5 years and we would more then happy to help out and get involved in these types of projects. We would be interested in hosting the team from Palestine if not too late , if they’ve already gone home , please let us know if theres anything we could do to help out

    Many thanks

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