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CADFA Palestinian students’ visit to the UK

Student links Feb 18

WELL DONE to the students  from different universities who have been working to raise money  towards the next CADFA Palestinian students’ visit to the UK. Here is a picture of students from Hull… a poster from Westminster University… and the next event will be in Cambridge. So also WELL DONE to our volunteer Yacine for working with student groups in lots of universities and making sure this project to is going to … Read More →

Ma’an project – announcing the exchange to Palestine.

We are looking forward to the next exchange from the Ma’an-Together project, which is being run with our partners Dar Assadaqa in Palestine and our new French partner De L’Autre Cote.   We have had to change the date to April to fit with the needs of our new partner, which means that some of the young people who had hoped to go in March will not be able to go. This opens … Read More →

Visa Equality petition

8 FEB 2018 — Many thanks for signing the Visa Equality petition. We now have over 5000 signatures and the question is how to push this further forward. We would be very grateful if (1) you would share it with your friends and with any group you are part of and (2) if you would send the link to your MP, MEP or other representative to ask him/ her to … Read More →

biriyani Night

A big thank you to the makers of the biriyani and to the organisers of this evening’s event – a fundraiser for #CADFA youth links work. Well done! The delicious biriyani raised over £150 and they’d love to raise some more – If you can help them, please donate to CADFA here…  

Another night of fear and worry in Abu Dis

Another night of fear and worry in Abu Dis – “This is not a normal situation” Many people from Abu Dis didn’t sleep last night -there were army everywhere, clashes in the streets and tear gas all around, but also a widespread fear that the army would invade people’s homes as they have been doing night after night. The situation underlyingly is very bad, the pressures on Palestinians worse than … Read More →