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Palestinian women’s visit Islington meeting 19th of March 2018


Palestinian women speaking out… I felt very moved today at the Islington meeting of the Palestinian women’s visit. Firstly of course by the strong speeches of our Palestinian friends. And so disgusted by some of the tales we heard. Kifah was caught by an Israeli checkpoint and not allowed past to see her ill father when she heard he had died. And her nephew shot in the head by Israeli … Read More →

House invasion by the military in the early hours.

This was another month pressure on people in Abu Dis in the context of a turbulent and often violent context across the West Bank as a whole. The photo here is of Israeli army vehicles as soldiers invaded a house in the night time. The human rights repor from February 2018 is is available here.  

CADFA women’s visit from Palestine 2018

Event poster

We’re very much looking forward to the next CADFA women’s visit from Palestine to the UK which will be happening in March. Our visitors are professional women from Palestine – teachers, a town planner, the Director of the Saraya Centre in the Old City in Jerusalem. The visitors will have a lot to say about their lives as women, workers and mothers and the situation facing their children in Palestine. Come and join … Read More →

Update from CADFA – February 2018

Long post – do read on! We have just posted January 2018’s human rights report from Abu Dis. People there are under pressure. We hope that sending you this sort of bad news so often doesn’t make you feel hopeless! There is lots to do, and many things coming up in CADFA (see below) which aim to inform people and help us to take action to pressure for change for … Read More →

The army always in the town

اعتقالات 12-1

Report from Abu Dis in January here. The picture is of Israeli soldiers in the town, passing a house that they destroyed around three years ago (they have not permitted its rebuilding or demolition, and a family with children live below it) and going towards the  Cliff Hotel – Palestinian property which was taken over by the Israeli army – next to the Separation Wall.        

Visit Palestine with CADFA 20-2-2-18


Visit Palestine with CADFA??? CADFA (Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association) are running an exchange in Palestine in the second half of April. This will be for young people 18-25 from the UK, France and Palestine – following the exchange to Paris last October (these pictures are from France). The exchange to Palestine will involve a residential in Jericho and then an exchange based in Abu Dis – a chance to … Read More →