Update from CADFA – February 2018

Long post – do read on!

We have just posted January 2018’s human rights repo28167729_1836354366397130_1076826205961982622_nrt from Abu Dis. People there are under pressure. We hope that sending you this sort of bad news so often doesn’t make you feel hopeless! There is lots to do, and many things coming up in CADFA (see below) which aim to inform people and help us to take action to pressure for change for human rights.

(Picture of young girl footballers from Abu Dis. Our efforts to bring them on a sports exchange continue and we are hoping to have another Erasmus project soon)

We would like to encourage you to

– JOIN CADFA if you are not a member

– join our frequent activities (for example, we have films and discussion every Wednesday, a stall every Saturday, activities at Cafe Palestina very frequently)

– become a volunteer with CADFA, in one of the links groups (women, youth, students, education) or as a general helper in press+ publicity/ campaigning/ fundraising etc etc




We are very pleased that CADFA’s old Chair, of Trustees, Munir Nusseibeh, will be in London next week, and we hope to arrange a talk by him if there is time. Munir was the Director of the Human Rights Clinic at the Al Quds University and now of the Al Quds University Social Work Centre – he is from Jerusalem and can bring us up-to-date knowledge of the situation in Jerusalem.


Owing to the hard work of dedicated volunteers led by Annika, the women’s links group are able as hoped to run a women’s visit from Palestine to the UK with no age restriction (a contrast to recent youth visits with an upper age limit of 30). We’re happy too to work with partner twinning groups in Pendle, Northampton and Tower Hamlets.

Look out too for the WOMEN’S VISIT FROM PALESTINE due to take place in the second half of March. There are many ways to be involved and several public events…
• a WELCOME MEAL on Thursday 15th March (for CADFA members)
• an INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY EVENT in Islington on Monday 19th March
• a MEETING ABOUT JERUSALEM with Hiyam Elayan from the Saraya Centre in the Old City of Jerusalem on Tuesday 20th March
• our INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATION on Saturday 24th March – Details to follow.


Well done to the youth links group and their families for their efforts in raising funds in particular through a Biriyani Night last week!
We are building a new group for our youth exchange to Palestine in the second half of April – unfortunately moving the date means that some of our original group can’t come. This means that (if they are quick) there is an opportunity for other young people aged 18-25 – Ask fast if interested.


Our volunteer Yacine has been working for the past few months with students in sveral universities to build for a visit of students from Palestine later in the year. There have been several initiatives, for example a recent event at Westminster University and an upcoming event in Cambridge which will help. If you are a student and would like to join this effort, Yacine would be pleased to hear from you.


We’re very pleased to hear that LSU school has just got its International Schools Award, and the sustained work with Palestine that has been enabled by CADFA – with its many visits, materials, volunteers and youth projects over the years – has paid a significant role in this achievement. Congratulations to the school and onwards all of us 

Our new volunteer from Palestine, Yara, will be taking up the education links work now – teachers, do ask about our upcoming workshops for young people at Café Palestina.


Do keep an eye on the programme at Café Palestina which is a fantastic resource for CADFA and its work, bringing in new interest all the time.

This Saturday 24th, there will be Middle Eastern Music (food at 7pm, music at 8pm)
On Wednesdays there is usually food and film, but on 7th March there will be a special event with food and talks and an auction of the pictures by Tim Sanders now in EXHIBITION there (do have a look!)



The youth work at Dar Assadaqa is going well: energetic twinning groups doing discussion, drama, media work. The VOICE FOR YOUNG PALESTINIANS project needs funding and we would like your help!

From a new young member of Dar Assadaqa:

“On Monday, me and my friend Mays met with Ali and Hassan to introduce us about what things and activities we want to do by volunteering in Camden. The activities we will be carrying out are to disseminate information about the Palestinian cause and the events and problems that occur inside the country on the Blog. Through our conversation with them, we became aware of what they are doing. These activities include teaching schoolchildren to protect themselves when confrontations occur between the Palestinian side and the Israeli side.
“They told us that the confrontations occur a lot in the area of Abu Dis, so it is their duty as residents of this town to teach children what to do when confrontations They also teach them first-aid highways when there are fainting or injuries And also in spite of the tragedy that we live as a Palestinian people, but this does not prevent us from going on trips in our country Palestine and making the town’s children happy.”


First a very big thank you to all of you who help so much. It isn’t fair to single out some people but today a special thank you for regular hard work to CRISTINA, ANNIKA, HUGH, FRANCES, STUART and a big welcome to new friends including Gill, Yara, Hanadi and Laura.
Second, there is so much to do and we invite new applications from …. YOU!
Do let us know if you would be able to help here in London.

We also have opportunities to volunteer in Palestine, and also to join our VISTS TO PALESTINE now being planned for the rest of the year.

If you would like a talk about Palestine/ Abu Dis/ CADFA’s work , or if your organisation would like to visit Palestine, do get in touch.

Find us on (FB): CADFA (Camden Abu Dis) / Twitter @camdenabudis / Instagram: insta.cadfa.

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