Report from the Twinning in Action project

Info on Twinning in Action womenTwinning in Action was a very special CADFA project funded by Erasmus + (European Union) and the fund-raising efforts of CADFA’s members and supporters. It ran between September 2014 and September 2016, and included three UK-Palestinian youth workers’ training exchanges and six youth exchanges for young people from Palestine and the UK (women, university students, school-age young people).   SEE THE REPORT HERE

CADFA brings people together to promote human rights in Palestine. The  purpose of Twinning in Action was to train more leaders and develop our capacity to run twinning exchanges to promote human rights in Palestine.  For participants (leaders and  young people), it raised awareness, developed skills and gave hope. Over 250 people joined as direct participants and there are thousands of people across the UK and Palestine who took part in the project or joined its events over the two years.

Twinning in Action was a great success. An indication of this can be seen below – and do look also at the project blog  This project has left us in a good position to build on the work.   Join us if you can in our next steps!

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