Linking together for human rights

Recommending the Teachers in Action 2016 blog


“How was Palestine? A question I struggle to answer. “Amazing!” “Incredible!” “Life-changing!” Responses I utter, in doing so, failing to capture the depth of the experience…..”   See the interesting posts by the UK teachers in Palestine, October 2016, written on the blog (Picture is from the earlier teachers’ exchange, Palestinian teachers to the UK, January 2016: read further down on the blog for posts from that phase of … Read More →

Report from the Twinning in Action project

cadfa football girls

Twinning in Action was a very special CADFA project funded by Erasmus + (European Union) and the fund-raising efforts of CADFA’s members and supporters. It ran between September 2014 and September 2016, and included three UK-Palestinian youth workers’ training exchanges and six youth exchanges for young people from Palestine and the UK (women, university students, school-age young people).   SEE THE REPORT HERE CADFA brings people together to promote human rights … Read More →

Child at a checkpoint

child at a checkpoint

In Palestine, we are living in an unacceptable situation and have to worry about our children all the time. Here is just one example. My children’s mother has a blue Jerusalem ID and lives in Jerusalem, and I have a green West Bank ID. According to Israeli military rules, West Bankers are not allowed to go to Jerusalem without getting special permission. So the children have to travel between their … Read More →