Linking together for human rights

September report from Abu Dis


The situation in Palestine is grim, and a report for September is here. We heard this month that two young people from Abu Dis we know through CADFA children’s visits were arrested. Khalil Qreia (one of our earlier adopted prisoners, first arrested aged 13) was arrested again in September. As he has since been released, he has been able to give us a report. Baraa Johar is currently in Ofer prison. … Read More →

Teachers in Action press release


Fourteen teachers from the UK are preparing now for an exciting journey to Palestine over the October half term. As part of an Erasmus + programme (EU funding), they will meet with Palestinian teachers, learn about schools and schooling in Palestine and work to strengthen links between young people and schools on both sides. One of CADFA’s most exciting projects to­­ date, building on school and youth lin­k­s created since … Read More →

CADFA, youth exchanges and Brexit (article from ‘Middle East Eye’)

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Article from ‘Middle East Eye’ October 2016 London to Ramallah: Brexit puts Palestine exchange group’s future in doubt Will Brexit stop a London charity’s project that aims to raise awareness of Palestinian human rights? Ben Clarke Tuesday 4 October 2016 10:08 UTC Last update: Tuesday 4 October 2016 13:42 UTC s RAMALLAH, Occupied West Bank – For newcomers to the Palestinian West Bank there is often a pervasive sense of compunction, a … Read More →

Please sign the Visa Equality petition.


  The picture shows four young visitors at the end of a CADFA visit to Palestine giving a presentation about what had struck them during their time there. They were appalled to see the refugee camps, where people have been living for over 60 years in the hope of going back to their homeland; the Separation Wall, that restricts movement and cuts people off from land, jobs and services; the … Read More →

Life in the West Bank now.


“There are many initiatives, we hear about them on the media, but nothing changes on the ground… Israel is going to the right, they are getting more radical…We have been living under stress since 1967, it is getting worse, it is not normal as they want us to believe. Just yesterday, 4 people were killed. A couple were shot dead in their car, a Jordanian tourist was killed, a child … Read More →