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The picture shows four young visitors at the end of a CADFA visit to Palestine giving a presentation about what had struck them during their time there. They were appalled to see the refugee camps, where people have been living for over 60 years in the hope of going back to their homeland; the Separation Wall, that restricts movement and cuts people off from land, jobs and services; the Israeli-only settlements growing all over the Palestinian hills; the number of young people they met who had been in prison or whose brothers had been in prison, and to hear stories of divided families, restrictions and violence. At the bottom of all of they identifiedan appalling and systematic racism that gives huge privileges to Israelis and limits the opportunities for Palestinians – often compared to apartheid. The UK government issues weak words of condemnation as the settlements spread, but it is inconsistent when it treats Israelis and Palestinians differently, through its visa system reinforcing the apartheid lines that Israel has set up.

Thank you for signing the Visa Equality petition – those who have (if not, please do!… 


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