Linking together for human rights

CADFA youth links walk to Parliament


Young people from CADFA youth links have two concerns at the moment. One is to maintain links with the young people they met during the youth visit from Palestine in June and they are hoping to go to Palestine as part of the Twinning in Action project next summer. The other is about child prisoners in Palestine (something they heard a lot about from their Palestinian friends). Here they are … Read More →

Teachers’ exchange agreed in both directions now!

Delighted to tell you that we have also been told that our CADFA TEACHERS’ VISIT TO PALESTINE will be funded by Erasmus +!  This is part of the project relating to the teachers’ visit to Britain (which is now timetabled for January). The plan is that teachers meet in one country and plan school-linking activities and then implement them – and then meet, review and make more plans for school … Read More →

Erasmus + visits to Palestine agreed!


GREAT NEWS FOR CADFA THIS YEAR! Our 10th October birthday celebration will become a big celebration of another CADFA first! A whole programme of twinning exchange visits to Palestine has been agreed by Erasmus + (EU funding). (This is at a time when things are very grim in Palestine and around Jerusalem* – Abu Dis itself is surrounded by extra ‘flying checkpoints’ – news of imprisoned children, shootings and deaths … Read More →

Unable to reach Jerusalem


The Abu Dis human rights report for July 2015, attached here, tells of the difficulties faced by Palestinians trying to get to Jerusalem during Ramadan and the importance of the issues of imprisonment and the terrible settler violence at Duma on 31st July